HEALing Fields Whole Body Care, LLC

HEALing Fields Whole Body Care, LLC
Their products are amazing & smell wonderful!  Me and my husband ONLY use natural soap and our favs from HEALING Fields Whole Body Care are CAPE HENLOPEN, WOODSTOCK, and LAVAGE. I highly recommend her products!
"There is a need for what we do at HEALing Fields Whole Body Care. Studies indicate that ~15% of the U.S. population suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS). Our products are handcrafted to insure freshness and quality. Lauraville Laundry Soap, SALVE-ATION™, artisan soaps, scrubs, lip balm, body butter and massage oils are just the beginning of our way to help improve your lifestyle. What we touch, feel, consume, expose ourselves to, and discard into the world contributes to the whole and delicate balance of life.
Our company name reflects our philosophy that we respect all humankind and treat each individual as a whole. We are mindful that each person is unique, with specific skin care needs and preferences. Even if you do not currently experience issues with MCS, we believe that by utilizing our line of products, individuals could possibly prevent developing sensitivities in the future.
​We respect and value our customers and our planet by using high quality ethically harvested materials and a crafting process that leaves as little impact on our planet as possible.
We are a company that supports living well, by living whole, simply, and naturally."
~ taken from homepage of www.healingfieldswbc.com/